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Team Training

Strength, Speed, Agility, Movement and Recovery

CR-Athletics will work with group leadership to develop seasonal and year-round plans to meet the needs of the organization and provide support services tailored to enhance the vision and philosophy of the coaches and organization.

Football Player Huddle
Onsite Training
High School Basketball Team

Onsite Training is provided for regional based organizations looking to maximize their members athletic performance by receiving in person training by Coach Rodriguez and his contracted support staff. Onsite training is designed to meet the sport specific needs of each athlete and is designed based on the ability to support the club’s vision, philosophy and desired playing style.

Remote Training

The online training program gives the organization and athlete more flexibility to train on their own schedule while still receiving some personalized coaching. This is ideal for clubs that are not in the region or those with a demanding schedule or logistical hurdles when it comes to finding space and time to coordinate large groups to meet in person. The remote training plan will combine detailed strength & power training, targeted conditioning, core training, speed & agility training, and post workout nutrition guidance all through TrainHeroic. Our coaching approach will push you harder, know you better, and help you maximize your athletic performance

Football Game
Camps & Clinics
Soccer Training

Interested in hosting a sport performance camp or clinic for your organization and athletes? CR-Athletics offers daily and weekly camps and clinics that provide educational information on how to enhance sport specific physical preparation, conditioning, agility, speed, and overall athleticism.

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