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Cristobal Rodriguez

Performance Coach
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Coach Rodriguez has spent close to 15 years working as a strength and conditioning professional. His passion and drive to continually develop himself as a coach has helped him successfully support the performance needs for two professional sports clubs, one division 1A collegiate athletic football program, two highly successful high school athletic programs, and two world class performance training / physical therapy privately run companies. In his most recent role, Coach R. provided support through his advisory role to various United States special forces components. He possesses a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science with a focus on Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention and while he is currently taking steps towards obtaining a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, he is excited for the opportunity to remotely provide performance based strength and conditioning support to those motivated individuals seeking to improve their physical preparation and performance. ​


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Aki Tajima 

Athletic Trainer NBA & MLS

"As an athletic trainer, having a coach that I can trust and whom can consistently select appropriate exercises at the right intensity during both the rehab process and high-level performance training is hard to come by. Cris understands movement, rehabilitation interventions, and can individualize assessments and performance-based programs for both the advanced elite client and the beginner trainee. I fully recommend his strength and conditioning expertise."


U.S. Special  Operations Command

"I’m running 15 minutes on a treadmill and running sprints on a field — things I never thought I’d be doing a year out from my injuries. Coach Rodriguez has changed my life for the better.”

Travis Bowen

Professional Soccer Player

"During my time within the Los Angeles Galaxy, Cris helped me maintain a high level of fitness, stay healthy, and made a difference in my acceleration and sprint capacity. His expertise and approach were valued throughout our entire lockerroom."

Tony Bovino

U.S. Navy

" I've used Cris's programming for over three years with overwhelmingly positive results. Starting from a novice fitness proficiency level, I was able to quickly develop strength, endurance, and mobility without injury. The movements are grouped in a logical and complimentary manner, not overly complex, and scalable to promote individual goals. I cycled through his functional fitness and Olympic
lifting programs depending on the evolving demands of my job. I found the transition between styles to be seamless, and the previous
training to be supportive of follow-on performance. I trust Cris's expertise in the field of human performance based on the science and experience he incorporates into each lesson."

Elizabeth Johnson

Crossfit Competitor

"Cris’s ability to accurately evaluate my strengths and weaknesses from both a mobility and physical preparation perspective were spot on. Not only have his progressive exercise selections and corrective strategies made a significant difference in my overall performance but the technique adjustments he made for my Snatch, Clean and Jerk had me quickly PR in both movements. In preparation for this years games I will certainly utilize his expertise."






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