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Competitively Resilient Athletics

Targeted Performance Training Solutions
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High Performance Training Services specifically designed to meet your needs

An Evidence Based Approach

CR-Athletics provides targeted performance-based fitness training, nutrition and recovery guidance for competitive athletes and adults of all levels. Every human is an athlete and every athlete is a human. CR-Athletics exists to help each individual discover their edge by offering evidence-based training that provides clients with clarity, simplicity, guidance and most importantly progress towards becoming a more Competitively Resilient version of themselves.

Training Support

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Training Membership

Join one of our online teams and get programming by and feedback from Coach Rodriguez while training virtually alongside teammates for support and friendly competition.

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Real Coaching

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Train on your schedule

structured training with instructional v

accessible on any device

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Sports Performance

Are you looking to become faster, stronger, quicker, and more powerful? Take advantage of our Student-Athlete Sports Performance Custom Coaching packs.

What People Say

"Cris’s ability to accurately evaluate my strengths and weaknesses from both a mobility and physical preparation perspective were spot on. Not only have his progressive exercise selections and corrective strategies made a significant difference in my overall performance but the technique adjustments he made for my Snatch, Clean and Jerk had me quickly PR in both movements. In preparation for this years games I will certainly utilize his expertise."

Elizabeth Johnson / Crossfit Competitor

Lacrosse Team

Team Training

CrossFit Equipment

Pre-Made Training programs

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