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Competively Resilient - Strength

Targeted Performance Training Solutions
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High Performance Training & Personal Training Services designed specifically to meet your needs

An Evidence Based Approach

Online Coaching

Training Support

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Train on your schedule

structured training with instructional v

accessible on any device

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1 on 1 Coaching

CR-Strength's most exclusive

and personalized training option.

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Training memberships

Join one of our online teams and get programming by and feedback from Coach Rodriguez while training virtually alongside teammates for support and friendly competition.

What People Say

"As an athletic trainer, having a coach that I can trust and whom can consistently select appropriate exercises at the right intensity during both the rehab process and high-level performance training is hard to come by. Cris understands movement, rehabilitation interventions, and can individualize assessments and performance-based programs for both the advanced elite client and the beginner trainee. I fully recommend his strength and conditioning expertise."

Aki Tajima / Athletic Trainer / NBA & MLS

Image by Victor Freitas


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